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HSO Information
The Outlaws:

The Hyperspace Outlaws was originally a guild in the game Star Wars Galaxies.  The guild was located on Corellia on the Corbantis server.  At its highest point the guild had well over 100 members with major events happening on a weekly basis.  Although the guild was never officially dissolved, its population declined along with the population of the Corbantis server.  A campaign to move to a more populated server was initiated in late 2007, however the fact that the entire game's population was declining could not be ignored and the Bria branch of the Hyperspace Outlaws was never well established.  Then in early 2009 SOE offered free character transfers to more populated servers.  Certain servers saw larger population booms and the Hyperspace Outlaws decided to use the oppertunity migrate to the Starsider sever.  There they created a new guild known as the Hyperspace Renegades.

Today the Hyperspace Outlaws community continues on this website and on several other games.  Officially the Hyperspace Outlaws is present in two games.  Star Wars Galaxies, and EVE Online.  However, various members have established a presence in games such as World of Warcraft and City of Heroes.

Hyperspace Outlaws Branches:
Corps of Discovery (Star Trek Online)
Hyperspace Outlaws (SWG: Corbantis server)
Hyperspace Renegades (SWG: Starsider server)

Hyperspace Outlaws Founding Members:
Teldenon Tenton
Tidal Oneka

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Welcome to the Hyperspace Outlaws Website!

This webpage is available to all members of the Hyperspace Outlaws (and its associated affiliates), however if your not a member we still encourage you to look around our general forums because we always like to hear from other people, the only thing we ask is that all comments made on this site are respectful of others.

If you are a member of the Hyperspace Outlaws and have come to this site for the first time, please start by registering at the top.  This will grant you access to member exclusive parts of this site which are very important.  Once you register, you should make sure your character is entered correctly in the roster so we know who you are.

Other than that feel free to look at the forums as that's where the most excitement is, but also take our polls as we often post important things we want your opinion on there (and yes we DO look at the results).  If you have any questions please ask me and I'll do my best to awnser.

-Teldenon Tenton (Co-Founder/Co-Leader)

I would like to thank Coreth Landwalker for all his hard work in creating and maintaining this site for such a long time. I would also like to thank Giepo who, out of his own kindness, paid money so we wouldn't be limited by an unsponsored site.  :)

The New Hyperspace Outlaws

coreth, Dec 14, 11 10:06 AM.

The New Hyperspace Outlaws

We've bounced around from place to place, but we are now congregating (those who are left, of course) at a new location!

If you're looking to touch base with old members, you can find us at

All former members of the Outlaws, Hyperspace Solutions, and the Corps of Discovery are welcome.  While the site is listed as an Old Republic guild, the site is actually a cross-game site, discussing the various games we may be involved with.  (There may or may not be a Hyper guild in the Old Republic, but that is not the intent of the site.)

The End

coreth, Jun 24, 11 6:56 PM.

SWG To Close Down

This may be the last announcement for this site.  Certainly it is the last concerning SWG.

As of 12/15/2011, SWG will be shutting its doors for the final time, as per the SWG web site.  Many people said that it wasn't likely to last far beyond the opening of Star Wars: The Old Republic-and it seems that they hit the nail on the head.

For many Outlaws, SWG died almost six years ago.  The servers simply hadn't realized it at the time.

For what it was, for what it became, and for what it might have been:  hail and farewell, SWG.

Attention All Hyperspace Outlaws

Pizmo, Jan 13, 10 10:12 PM.
Many of the former Outlaws are currently playing Star Trek Online. We have formed a fleet named "The Corps of Discovery." Please come check out the game; at least stop in on our web page to say "hello" and continue the fine postings we started here on this page. There are also some nice stories in our "Captain's Logs" section.

Looking forward to keeping up with old friends as we make new ones!!!

Hyperspace Renegades

Teldenon, Mar 14, 09 5:11 PM.
The Hyperspace Renegades
A New Guild on Starsider

Dear Hyperspace Outlaws,

I am pleased to announce a new extension to the Hyperspace Outlaws on the Starsider server.  The Hyperspace Renegades, a guild founded by Hyperspace Outlaws members, is located on the southern tip of Corellia.  We currently do not have a city, since we are outlaws we have decided to set up a small outpost comprised of houses and structures.  We will decide at a later date if we want to build our own city or not.

Anyone who is transfering from Corbantis to Starsider and is a member of the Hyperspace Outlaws is welcome to join our new guild.  Once we get more established we plan to start recruiting new members as well.

If you have any questions please send me an email or post on the forums!  Hope to see you in game! (I think I could get used to saying that!)

Teldenon Tenton
Hyperspace Renegades

Note: We plan to make the Hyperspace Renegades our main guild in Star Wars Galaxies since Corbantis is effectively abandoned.  We will keep the site and everything oriented around the Hyperspace Outlaws since that will be the name of our core group no matter what game or guild we are a part of.  We will always be outlaws at heart.


Teldenon, Feb 6, 09 12:03 AM.
Updates as of Jan. 5th, 2009:

  • The Bria Relocation forum has been removed and replaced by the Starsider Relocation forum.
  • Everyone who is transferring/creating/already has a character on Starsider should reply to the "roll call" post in the Starsider forum.
  • A new poll has been added, please vote if you get a chance.
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